Journal of Advances in Technology and Engineering Research
Journal ISSN: 2414-4592
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Received: 30 August 2016
Accepted: 25 September 2016
Published: 12 February 2017
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  • Flash codes with multibit update for asymmetrical write memory device

Kenneth Ivanson D. Laurel, Proceso L. Fernandez

Published online: 2017


A flash code is a coding mechanism used to store and retrieve information in a ϐlash memory, which is simply an array of ϐlash cells. Because of the write asymmetry property of ϐlash cells, a ϐlash code has to be designed carefully in order to efϐiciently make use of the limited number of program-erase cycles that the ϐlash cells can physically tolerate. From the initial studies on unibit update ϐlash codes, more recent researches have introduced the multibit update mechanism for more efϐicient flash codes. In this paper, we propose three different new multibit update flash codes. These ϐlash codes were simulated in Java and compared against existing multibit update flash codes using the mean data update count as the main metric for evaluation. The results show that the proposed flash codes are very competitive with the existing multibit update flash codes, with the third proposed new flash code having superior performance for some range of data vector lengths. This indicates that the proposed flash codes make very efϐicient use of the flash memory cells and, thus, may be helpful in extending the lifetime of flash devices.