The Green Route – Open Access Archiving Policy

Authors have the opportunity of turning their articles into Open Access by using the Green route for archival of their articles free of charge. Authors having their work published in subscription journal can avail this opportunity by depositing version 2 of their article i.e. the one accepted for publication in their respective institution’s repository.

  • Copyright of the work remains with the author.
  • Total discretion of version 1 of the article that is submitted to the journal remains with the author.
  • After acceptance of article for publication, version 2 or the accepted version can be submitted anywhere by the author e.g., on a personal website, department’s website or the repository of the respective institution with no further limitations.
  • Article’s version 2 is not allowed to be submitted to any repository other than the ones specified above. These exclusions include another institution’s repository or a subject repository. This restriction applies until 12 months after first publication of the article in the journal.
  • Authors can provide the version 3 i.e., the published version to research colleagues or keep as their own teaching aid, ensuring that such delivery is not commercial in any sense.
  • Version 3 can be used in a book being written by the author or can be edited as desired once publication in the journal is confirmed.
  • Version 3 is not allowed to be submitted to any website or any repository without formal consent of TAF Publishing.
  • Link to the appropriate DOI needs to be added in all the posts having the concerned article to ensure the readers are directed straight to the published version of the article on TAF Publishing Journals (