Journal of Advances in Technology and Engineering Research
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Article DOI: 10.20474/jater-3.5.2
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  • Removal rate of compacted clay soil in the batch and continuous reactors and its permeability

G. Turkoglu Demirkol , M. S. Ozcoban, N. Tufekci

Published online: 2017


In Turkey, municipal solid wastes are primarily disposed in landfills. The infiltrated water in the landfill affects the chemical composition of leachate. The filtration, adsorption, dissolution, precipitation, ion exchange, and biochemical processes occur between the compacted clay soil and leachate. In this study, batch and continuous reactors are used to inveatigate permeability and adsorption of compacted clay soil. The clay soil, obtained from the Kemerburgaz-Odayeri landfill area on the European side of Istanbul, is put through standard and modified proctor compaction tests. The effects of Total Phosphorus (TP) and Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) in the influent and effluent have been analyzed to determine the treatment capability for batch and continuous reactors of the compacted clay soil. The results of the permeability measurements using leachate show that the permeability in the compacted clay soil associated with the contamination is slightly increased. Removal efficiencies of TP in clay soil were obtained as 72% for standard compaction and 77% for modified compaction in continuous reactor. Also, TKN in clay soil was obtained as 60% for standard compaction and 81% for modified compaction in continuous reactor. Optimum adsorption time of TKN was 5 hours in batch reactor.