Journal of Applied and Physical Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3103
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Received: 31 October 2014
Accepted: 16 August, 2015
Published: 15 October 2015
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  • Designing a prototype of press tool for the in-field pressing of sweet sorghum and sweet pearl millet biomass

Nicholas Lefebvre, Mohamed Khelifi, Yannick de Ladurantaye

Article first published online: 2015


The growing demand for biofuels has been affecting the rise of ethanol production. To fulfil the demand, alternative energy crops have been significantly engineered to produce a better yield from less resources. Among other ones, sweet sorghum and sweet pearl millet have been recognized as two promising energy crops. However, their sugar is mainly located in the juice rather than in the grain. In general, biomasses from these crops are taken to a plant where they are handled in a similar way to sugarcane. In fact, the rise of transportation fees has made carrying biomass leaves less profitable for producers and may have further caused the loss of organic matters or forages. Thus, the current research has an objective to design, build and test an alternative in-field mobile juice extraction prototype. It allows an on-the-go pressing of biomass being harvested with a forage harvester. The by-products (bagasse) are then dumped to the ground while the juice is collected. The prototype has been built during the summer of 2014 and preliminary tests have been conducted directly on the field. Then, results indicate a promising 57% extraction value of total water. Further tests have been planned to optimize the press tool prototype.