Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3111
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Received: 15 June 2017
Accepted: 13 July 2017
Published: xxxxxx
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  • The role of migrants and social remittance in traditional festivals’ practices in Za Yet Pyin village, Rakhine State, Myanmar

San Yin Yin Tun

Published online: 2017


Loss of human resources as a consequence of migration has intensively impacted on any affairs of the sending community. In many rural societies, young people move outwardly to urban regions. These massive ϐlows of young migration have resulted in the socio-economic changes in the home community. While many studies have revealed both positive and severe consequences associated with migration and economic remittances, only a few studies have investigated the impact of migration and social remittance particularly in relation to the changes in the cultural aspect. This study focuses on the roles of migrants, and non-migrants in terms of their ideas/ suggestions and contributions to the changes in the practices of two traditional festivals, the Water Festival and the Light Festival in Za Yet Pyin village, Ramree Island, Rakhine State of Myanmar. The study aims to provide answers through an investigation of the relationship between the roles of actors (migrants/villagers), and the networks founded by migrants. Through the comparison between the pre-migration past and the current migration era, any signiϐicant changes of traditional festivals’ practices are presented and analyzed which will bring new ϐindings and insight into the area of migration study in relation to the practice of traditional festivals.