Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3111
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Received: 9 July 2016
Accepted: 5 September 2016
Published: 19 December 2016
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  • The change management in an academic institution: An organizational perspective

Marilou A. Maderazo

Published online: 2016


The researcher has been conducted this study in order to assess the change management in Bahrain Training Institute, an academic institution existing in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is a government organization which contributes to the skills development of the national workforce in the country. The institute experienced some changes due to the transfer of its supervision from Ministry of Labor to Ministry of Education. Being a quasi-independent training institution under the Ministry of Labor to being a centralized institution based on the memorandum of Civil Service Bureau has brought some changes mostly in the administrative aspect. The problem encountered is that both the academic and non-academic staff employees experience changes which affect their motivation both positively and negatively thus affecting the organizational outcomes. This paper applied the Prosci ADKAR Model to assess the status and level of effectiveness of the organization in terms of its awareness, capability, and contribution for change. This study used the descriptive design and came up with questionnaire as well as interview to gather data. This leads to the recommendation of encouraging trainers and other employees to embrace change for the bene¤Éit of all; improve the current practice of change management in the institute; conduct trainings and meetings; and communicate plans among each member of the organization. The output of this study will help the trainees to cope up with changes resulting to participation thus achievement of one common objective. Furthermore, this will help the top management realize that employee productivity increases when they feel supported.