Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3111
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Received: 12 June 2016
Accepted: 10 September 2016
Published: 27 October 2016
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  • Creative teaching as perceived by English language teachers in private universities

Marites Piguing Hilao

Published online: 2016


Creative teaching is one of the main goals that most universities in Thailand have set in their mission. The study aimed to investigate the concept of creative teaching as perceived by university teachers and 􀏐ind out some factors that had an impact on their perceptions comprising gender, academic title, and degree. Data were collected from 164 English language teachers from 􀏐ive different private universities in Thailand using a 5-point rating scale questionnaire and analyzed by means, t-tests, and One-Way Analysis of Variance. The 􀏐indings reveal that teachers’ creative teaching perceptions based on the six categories namely, school environment, personal quality, personal motivation, teaching belief, education and career experience, and thinking style were at a high level. Regarding background information, the factor of academic title was found to have an impact on perceptions. That is, teachers with academic title had higher perceptions on creative teaching than the ones without academic title in all categories, and signi􀏐icant differences were found in overall perceptions and in two categories: personal motivation and thinking style (p < .05). However, the other factors comprising gender and degree did not affect their perceptions. The 􀏐indings can be useful for administrators in all private universities when the policy of creativity and creative teaching was implemented in the curriculum.