Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3111
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Received: 25 May 2016
Accepted: 10 August 2016
Published: 27 October 2016
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  • Why is information governance important for electronic healthcare systems? A Canadian experience

Linying Dong, Karim Keshavjee

Published online: 2016


Information governance becomes increasingly important due to the proliferation of data in various formats at different levels of an organization. A well-de􀏐ined information governance program improves data quality, enables quality care, enhances clinical research, and supports strategic decision making. However, despite the importance of information governance, there lacks a clear information governance framework to guide the development, integration, and deployment of various healthcare technologies, resulting in dissatisfactory outcomes from expensive technology investments. Using the Canadian healthcare system as the backdrop, the study, drawing on the eight principles of information governance outlined by the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) and the Data Governance Model, proposes an information governance framework detailing how information should be governed from four dimensions: people, process, policy, and technology. The model is then applied to analyze a case study on the 18-month well-baby visit program. After analyzing the 􀏐indings from the case, the paper concludes with the implications for healthcare practitioners.