Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3111
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Received: 26 March 2016
Accepted: 29 April 2016
Published: 12 August 2016
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  • The role of Russia, China, Iran and their foreign policies towards Syria on the Arab Spring

Waraporn Raksorn

Published online: 2016


Since the Arab Spring has driven the political turmoil in Middle East and Northern African countries, the global political actors have been involved in order to assist the crisis. Syrian uprising is a selected case that this research examines despite the fact that there are only some countries that are good allies to Syria while majority of the states condemned Assad’s government. This paper focuses on the main Syrian allies’ foreign policies: Russia, China, and Iran. They maintain their policies not to intervene in the Syrian civil war. The paper also intends to investigate Russia, China and Iran’s foreign policies towards Syria since the 2011 Arab Spring. The analysis and argument are based on realism lens and by applying the game theory to test the hypothesis. This research examines how game theoretic analysis of externals’ foreign policies have shown their national interests and cooperation strategic movement. Therefore, it has proven their interdependent strategies among the players (Syria and its allies). Thus, Constructivism theory is used to analyze the norms, beliefs and ideas that shape state’s foreign policy. This research paper argues that Syria’s external allies continue to support Syria to gain their common interests, and play the major roles in regional politics. Nevertheless, relationship between Syria and its allies appears to be continued and they will keep supporting Assad regime. Finally, the research paper highlights the important motivations for policy makers of the Syrian allies that they are involved in Syrian crisis acting on both regional and international stages.