Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3111
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Received: 30 Jnauary 2016
Accepted: 02 February 2016
Published: 26 April 2016
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  • Mask in performing arts: The change in spiritual and artistic value through evolution of social context

Chollada Thongtawee

Published online: 2016


This research is a documentary research which aims to explore and collect data on the evolution of masks used in performing arts from the past to contemporary society. This would enhance understanding and awareness of value of masks in performing arts as well as the impacts of changing social contexts upon the usage of masks in performing arts and its adaptation towards such changes. The research result has shown that masks usage in performing arts has been evolving according to the dynamic changes of social contexts. Generally, masks are powerful tool which enable wearers/actors to be beyond/more than themselves. Masks are thus valuable in spiritual rituals and artistic performance. However, under the influence of Capitalism, these values of masks have been diminished to only colorful touristic attraction. This should be concerned by all parties involved for the spiritual evolution and benefits of this kind of art.