Journal of Advances in Health and Medical Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2517-9616
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Received: 30 September 2016
Accepted: 17 October 2016
Published: 13 February 2017
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  • Increasing women’s awareness on the importance of early detection of cervical cancer through socialization method and focus group discussion in Sabdodadi village Bantul, Yogyakarta

Kharismadhany, Umul Etika Sari, Qorina Aulia Rakhmah

Published online: 2017


Cervical Cancer ranks the second most suffered cancers in Indonesia. On average, there are 2.5 women getting affected and 1.1 women facing death every hour. The prevalence of incidence of cervical cancer in Yogyakarta is 1.5%. It is the highest. The rise of the prevalence is because of the late diagnosis. Early detection needs to be done in order to prevent deadly late stadium. Visual Inspection Acetat Acid (VIA) test is a method to do an early detection of cervical cancer. Unfortunately, many women do not know the importance of early detection and VIA method. It makes women feel doubts, worries, and shame. As it is shown in the survey on Sabdodadi Village, Bantul, there are 285 women out of 334 women at cancerrisked-age who have not done the test. The increase of women’s understanding about the importance of early detection of cervical cancer and the VIA test and also the increase of women’s participation to do an early detection of cervical cancer. The information about cancer and VIA test are shared through socialization with slides and leaϐlets. After the presentation, the participants are divided into small groups and they are asked to explore what they know and feel about early detection of cervical cancer and VIA test. The participants are straightened out of their missunderstandings about cervical cancer and VIA test. The reasons of why women have not done the test are the feeling of shame to do the test, the lack of information, the fear to do the test and also the taboo custom to examine their genitalia. The result of the socialization and focus group discussion is the increase of number of women to do the VIA test. 36 women who were qualiϐied to do VIA test participated in early detection through VIA test provided by midwifery students in cooperation with Indonesia Cancer Foundation (Yayasan Kanker Indonesia). There is correlation between women’s knowledge about early detection and women’s participation to do the early detection. The level of knowledge takes an effect to their behavior and their belief so women do not know and are unwilling to do VIA test.