Journal of Advances in Health and Medical Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2517-9616
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Received: 15 September 2014
Accepted: 20 July 2015
Published: 22 February 2016
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  • Relationship of bolton’s ratios and tooth-size discrepancy

Tarek Dokhan, Najeeb Shebani, Abdurraouf Zaet

Published online: 2016


The aim of this study was to determine whether there are differences in the influence of tooth size discrepancies among malocclusion groups in the general population; to know if there are any effects of tooth size discrepancies from region to another, and to study Bolton’s ratio of tooth size discrepancy in relation to malocclusion treatments. A quantitative study was carried out using many studies published in the English language from various population groups from different countries. Well defined guidelines for conducting analyses of observational studies were followed by electronic database (Entre Pub Med, ). Additionally, a search in the Science Direct database ( ) will be performed, and data will be collected on the following items for the retrieved studies: year of publication, study design, materials (study sample, control sample,) methods of measurement, authors’ conclusions, and reference lists of relevant articles would be screened.