Journal of Advances in Health and Medical Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2517-9616
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Received: 08 December 2015
Accepted: 16 February 2015
Published: 22 February 2016
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  • Intensive technology of growth, complex processing of lambs flesh for meat products

Rashit Kazikhanov, Saule R. Kazikhanova and S.Seifullin

Published online: 2016


A comparative morphological, organoleptic, biochemical analysis of fat-tail lambs meat of 4 month age were grown by the separatel—É-mammal method and then were slaughtered for study carcass and meat quality. Carcass dressing proportions and fatness of lambs showed better conformation of high meat productivity and higher nutritious ness property and prospects using mutton for providing palatability diet products.