Journal of Administrative and Business Studies
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Article DOI: 10.20474/jabs-3.5.4
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  • Investigating consumer preferences in selecting buffet restaurants in Davao region, Philippines

Dunhill Z. Bilog

Published online: 2017


The buffet restaurant industry players in Davao region of the Philippines have contributed to economic growth. However, with the influx of national buffet restaurants, the need to revisit the focus of the homegrown buffet restaurant owners and managers has become apparent. Along this is the need to look into the preferences of the buffet restaurant consumers and the segments that patronize the industry. This study primarily sought to identify the attributes consumers in Davao region would look for in a buffet restaurant. It employed an experimental research design where conjoint analysis as a technique was used. Buffet restaurant profiles were generated based on the attributes of types of food, quality of food, price, and cleanliness. These were rated by the respondents. For uncovering the segments, a two-step cluster analysis was utilized. The results of the study indicate that buffet restaurant consumers in the region placed the highest utility on cleanliness. Both junior and senior professionals have the same order of priority as regards the four buffet restaurant attributes. However, the utility values differ. Moreover, three consumer groups, namely single junior professional oriental food lovers, married junior professional oriental food lovers, and married senior professional oriental food lovers were uncovered. These results could prove helpful to buffet restaurant owners and managers in coming up with sustainable service designs and appropriate positioning strategies.