Journal of Administrative and Business Studies
Journal ISSN: 2414-309X
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Received: 28 April 2017
Accepted: 15 June 2017
Published: xxxxxx
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  • Knowledge sharing behavior, job attitudes, OCB and organizational learning culture

Yasir Syam Husain, Samdin, Nurwati, Husin

Published online: 2017


This research tested the moderating effect of Organizational Learning Culture (OLC) with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) as a mediator variable on relationship of Job Attitudes (JA) and Knowledge Sharing Behavior (KSB). This investigation aims to clarify the linkage between JA, OCB, OLC and KSB. Research design was based on deductive approach and quantitative methods for the purpose of exploratory analysis. 100 respondents were involved in this survey in which 68 facilitators were from Urban Poverty Alleviation Program and 32 others were from Foundation for Development of Rural Potential. Data collected are analyzed and supported by SEM Program. Study showed that JA were not related signiϐicantly to KSB. The study also found that JA are correlated positivly and signiϐicantly to OCB. OCB has been found as a signiϐicant mediator of correlation between JA and KSB. It also found that OLC is a strong signiϐicant moderator of OCB toward KSB. It means that OLC has the most of role in strengthening of OCB to mediate JA and KSB. It suggests that in future research may investigate the role of OLC as a moderator variable for JA toward KSB.