Journal of Administrative and Business Studies
Journal ISSN: 2414-309X
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Received: 1 February 2017
Accepted: 16 February 2017
Published: 30 June 2017
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  • Identifying new technology areas based on firm’s internal capabilities

Seung-Jun Shin, Wonchul Seo

Published online: 2017


Previously, various studies have proposed several methods to discover new technology or product opportunities. There is, however, a problem in that they do not consider the firm’s internal capabilities or take into consideration only the technical aspects by using only patent data. The search for technological opportunities should take into account the characteristics of the industry in which the technology is applied. Therefore, this study aims to present a systematic approach to identify possible opportunities for new technology areas with firm’s internal capabilities taking into account the features of the industry. To do that, we first collect patent data and extract patent co-classification information from them. Second, we generate meaningful connections between technology classes by applying (ARM). Third, we combine the inter-industry linkage effects so that the connections can reflect a more industrial viewpoint. Finally, from the perspective of a specific firm, we derive new technology areas based on its internal capabilities in terms of technology classes. To show the applicability of the presented approach, we conduct a case study using patents granted in the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) between 2006 and 2014. This study is expected to contribute to suggesting an approach to identify new technology areas that a specific firm can practically utilize. Furthermore, it will be a basis for implementing a technology planning tool in that it can explore possible opportunities for new technology areas.