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  • Study on APP Design of Assisting New Immigrant Women with Healthcare Communication

Fang-Suey Lin, Lu-Zhen Xu, Yi-Tung Liu

Published online: 2017


The design of auxiliary and visual communication system between patients and medical staff could be applied in clinical doctor-patient communication so as to improve doctor-patient interaction, assist new female immigrants in communication. The main purpose of this project is to develop an interactive medical communication board that would be adaptable both in terms of language and metaphor and which would be tested on different populations as to its efficacy in clinic diagnosis to help new female immigrants and their children. Therefore, this study intends to develop an assistive visualization tool of medical communication to achieve the objective of friendly communication among foreign spouses, ill children, and medical service. Good visual communication of health information is now understood to be critical for patient well-being. Design draft and discussion with users were conducted. This research project focuses on integrating medical and design professional fields to develop medical information and auxiliary communication tool, as well as to design doctor-patient communication APP prototype concept. The study mainly adopted interview, observation and User Experience Innovation Design (UXID) to carry out interviews with 24 Vietnamese and Indonesian new immigrant women. These firsthand practical data were then transcribed and sorted out. By designing an APP prototype, researchers finally achieved the purpose of assisting new immigrant women in seeking healthcare and expressing their symptoms.