Journal of Applied and Physical Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3103
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Received: 24 December 2016
Accepted: 2 January 2017
Published: 30 June 2017
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  • A study on the impact of cement type and heat stimulation on performance of superplasticizers

Zabihollah Tahery, Shigeyuki Date

Article first published online: 2017


The objective of this study was to investigate the interaction of different types of cement and superplasticizer admixtures in which the Superplasticizers were stimulated by heating before addition to the mortar. To evaluate the desired impacts, tests on the ϐluidity and ϐlow loss of mortarwere conducted. For better considering the behavior of admixtures under heat stimulation with different cements, three types of cement and two types of superplasticizer are used, Polycarboxylic acid-based and Polycarboxylic acidbased ether. The admixtures were heated to 40˚C, 50˚C, and 60˚C for 0.5 hours and 24 hours. Generally Polycarboxylic acid-based admixtures showed higher ϐlow improvement in 60˚C heating with all cement types especially with High Early Cement, in comparison with Polycarboxylic acid-based ether type. The ϐlow loss of mortar was reduced by heat stimulation of admixtures, Polycarboxylic acid-based ether (the product suitable for Ready Mix Concrete) showed signiϐicant ϐlow improvement after 15 minutes and kept it to one hour. As the result of this research, it is possible to reduce the admixture dosage and maintain the desired ϐluidity of mortar, or increase the mortar ϐluidity by applying the heat stimulation technique.