Journal of Applied and Physical Sciences
Journal ISSN: 2414-3103
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Received: 7 May 2016
Accepted: 08 June 2016
Published: 24 June 2016
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  • A method for detecting man-in-the-middle attacks using time synchronization one time password in interlock protocol based internet of things

Tae-Ho Cho , Garam-Moe Jeon

Article first published online: 2016


Internet of Things (IoT) is used for devices to interact with each other, and Femtocells are used to provide reliable communication by eliminating shaded areas where wireless signals have become weak. IoT security is crucial since the untethered nature of wireless networks primarily allows for eavesdropping threats to confidential information. Therefore, the interlock protocol is proposed to protect confidential information that is prone to eavesdropping due to the use of an unsecure public key. This paper addresses this limitation through a countermeasure that combines the time synchronization one-time password (OTP) and the interlock protocol. In the proposed method, we use OTP for authentication before transmitting the public key and data. In order to counter eavesdropping attacks, the OTP should be first used to detect the attacker. Simulations show that both methods have up to 46% of detection rate. However, our method has a prevention rate that is 54% higher than that of the interlock protocol.