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  • Social attitudes towards women entrepreneurs in Algeria

Pr. Boufeldja GHIAT

Published online: 2017


Women entrepreneurs in Algeria and in developing countries in general, are affected by the socio-cultural environment. Women are confronted with social attitudes as modelled by males who are comfortable with this cultural environment. Women are brought up in a male society, where we find discrimination between genders in roles, behaviours, occupations and jobs. The main obstacle for women entrepreneurs in Algeria is that entrepreneurship was reserved for males, therefore considered as a male’s occupation. Social attitudes confirm this reality, as jobs have relation with gender, and it is an adventure for women to engage in this occupational activity. To be entrepreneurs, women will have to face negative reactions and pressures from society: the family, the neighbours, men and even females. Several people, including females, do not accept to work under the supervision of women. In order to shed light on this problematic, a questionnaire was used for the collect of data, and filled in by a sample of 30 randomly chosen women entrepreneurs. Means and percentages of answers were computed. Social attitudes were found to be the source of constraints and cause problems for women entrepreneurs in Algeria.